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Robert Cotton
Card #4613

Helped a person who just moved to Fayetteville, NC. This person has now become a friend of mine. I have been able to help by providing a few meals.

Nicole StumblingBear
Card #2230

I put a small Ziplock baggie on a snack machine with change and a note that said, “Have a snack on me”. I also placed the card in the baggie and a small note card from Arran Lakes Baptist Church that had information about their Christmas eve services.

Card #4126

I donated two big boxes of hand warmers to a woman who is sending them to her daughter – Captain Shelton in the D Company, currently deployed in Afghanistan. The hand warmers will be given out to the troops.

Card #4562

i held the door open for someone at my local church

Casey Teele
Card #1848

Bought Starbucks for car behind me.

Ted Griffin
Card #3214

In Fayetteville, NC at the Rainbow Resturant . Bought a friend breakfest.

Card #3236

My husband and I dined at a local Japanese steakhouse Friday night and two military couples, one with a young child, were seated with us. They were very pleasant and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. We learned at the end of the meal that one couple was soon transerring to Texas. Being retired military, my husband thought it would be a nice gesture and suggested we pay for their meals. This was our small way of thanking them for their service and the sacrifices they and their families make every day. It was a spur of the moment decision, but one we were glad to have made.

Card #3603

Bought a breakfast biscuit for a girl scout leader.

Ron Sandy
Card #3211

A young man ran out of gas in the middle of Ramsey Street this afternoon in heavy traffic. He turned is car off and put the transmission in Park. A couple of other young men were trying to help him, but he couldn’t get his car out of Park, so they could push it across the street to the gas station. I watched for a few minutes to see if they were going to need any help, and it became apparent that they couldn’t help him. I went over to the side of the road to try to see what was wrong without getting run over. They told me the gears were locked. When I got to the car, they left. I managed to help the young driver get the car out of park so I could push him into the filling station. Once he was at a pump, I passed this HPG card along to him. He was very grateful for the help.

DeAnna Davidson
Card #4725

My card was used for baby Darrell, who was abused at 8 wks , by the father and suffered severe injuries . I purchased pampers and clothing and donated celebrities autographed photos to raise money for the needs of this miracle child. I am from Iowa and these items are being sent to Washington state!! Prayers for baby Darrell keep going!!!

George Butterfly
Card #3345

I used my card when donating my time to assist in the “White Flag” nights at Operation In As Much in Fayetteville, NC during our latest below 32 degree nights.  I helped in setting up cots, making and serving meals, and the general well being and comfort of our homeless people in Fayetteville.

Card #2978

Bought the person behind me their lunch.

Card #250

Marion, AL. I go to a military college before going to USAFA this summer and one of my best friends here is going through his cycle for the White Knights precision drill team. He can’t leave campus so I thought I can do a little shopping for him so he can have all the necessities he needs.

Fresita Carrasco Brown
Card #2004

A free lunch was given to me in Fayetteville, NC by a man holding this card, he was a very kind man. I wish him many blessings. Thank You

Michael Reid
Card #3400

So my card was used on New Years Eve. I was at a bar in Greensboro, NC (I live in Fayetteville, NC) and I opened up tab. I told the bartender that I want the next drink ordered –whomever it may be and whatever drink it may be– to be placed on my tab. The bartender looked so confused when I told her this proposition. She thought I had too much to drink, but being the designated driver for the evening I was completely sober. I let the bartender read the High Performance Card. She smiled and agreed to the proposition. I returned to the bartender to see if she passed on the High Performance Card and sure enough she did. It wasn’t anything big or life-altering, but I just hope those free drinks made someone’s night even better. From Fayetteville, NC Card Used in Greensboro, NC

Card # 148

I am selling hats to raise money for the homeless, and they are five dollars each. Instead of buying a hat, this woman gave me ten dollars and told me to donate the hats and money to the organization! Such a kind gesture. Fayetteville, NC.

Hats for the Homeless
Card #147

Money was donated to me to help with making warm hats for the homeless! :)

Card #2722

Left $20 tip on $60 bill for our favorite waiter Willie at Luigi’s

Card #2978

My card was used by paying for a propane gas tank exchange. Additionally, the worker was given money for a snack at work. Fayetteville,NC 12/24/13

Card #662

I paid for someone’s gas. He was checking old gift cards to see if any if them had a balance because he did not have any money.

Tiffanie Walker
Card #2731

Tip of 50% of bill left for waitress at Texas Road House – Fayetteville, NC.

Passin Outhope
Card #146

I was in line to check out at Food Lion and notice the young lady in line behind me only had a few things and 3 small children, that were rearing to go, so I let her jump in front of me, let her use my MVP card since she didn’t have hers on her and paid for her things. She was so excited she gave me a big hug and blessed me! It’s the little things…

Anonymous elf
Card #1066

Treated the car behind me in the drive-thru of Starbucks. I’m loving the idea of this and it sure puts me in the holiday spirit. This is the 3rd card I’ve passed on and I hope I see some “pay it forward” activity on them.

Ron Sandy
Card #3095

12/20/13 – I anonymously paid for a couple’s lunch at the Fried Turkey Sandwich Shop on Person Street, Fayetteville, NC. I asked to proprietor to pick someone for me and to pass the card along to that person. It really made me feel good to help these people – especially anonymously.

Card #3076

Bought a co-worker a drink just because she is such a sweet person.     (Raleigh, NC)

Card #173

While having a bite to eat at the mall, my husband and I noticed a gentleman walking and looking in the trash cans. We knew we had to do something and fast before he was put out of the food court. It wasn’t much, but we made sure he had a great meal.

Grandma’s Christmas spirit has been restored
Card #675

The act of kindness was giving to me, and I wanted to publicly thank the givers.  I have recently taken on temporary custody of my 3 grandchildren, money is tight and it just seems like we keep getting hit with one financial burden after another and needless to say Christmas is coming whether we want it to or not.  I know there is a God that sits high and looks low, and He is constantly sending blessing through some wonderful people, I call Angels.  The 1st Angel has blessed 2 of the kids with Nitendo DSi gaming systems and the other Angel blessed us with a financial blessing  and we were able to buy all 3 of them brand new bikes.  I thank God for placing these Angels in our lives.  They have truly been a blessing!!!  Fayetteville, NC

Greatful patron
Card #607

Left a young, struggling waiter an extra special tip.

mark high
Card #3099

As a family, my father-in-law gave all of us a card while on vacation in Blowing Rock, NC in December 2013. Through the 6 of us we were deciding who to start it off. Me and the wife decided to get the ball rolling and paid for an elderly couple’s meal at The Rock Sports Bar and Grill in Boone. My sister-in-law and her husband overheard them telling the waitress that they would do the same and pay for another’s meal right away! So as far as I know the card is in Boone, NC waiting for the next person. Feels good to pay it forward so if you have this card please keep it going!

Card #663

Paid for a solders things behind me at Walmart.

Appreciative Parent
Card #3291

I gave our nanny a $200 Christmas bonus. She does an amazing job with our daughter who is sometimes hard to handle, (in her “terrible two’s”). Not only does she watch our daughter she does several extra things around the house for me that help out a lot! Like doing dishes, folding clothes, feeding the animals, bringng the garbage can in. My husband and I appreciate her so much and our daughter loves her! Sanford, NC

Card #272

Paid for lunch. Fayetteville, NC

Debbie Hooker
Card #3235

Mailed a donation to the Bill Shaw Salvation Army Christmas Fund, Fayeteville, NC

Card #231

This card was given to a wonderful employee at McDonald’s in Spring Lake, NC, along with a $20 prepaid visa card for her great service and genuine caring of the customers who came in.

Secret Santa
Card #208

Secret Santa is touched by RL’s thoughtfulness and generosity over the holidays! Secret Santa donated $15 to the Second Harvest Food Bank on behalf of RL. Merry Christmas!

Keep Christ in Christmas
Card #662

I payed for the lady behind me at Starbucks this morning who seemed to be doing a good deed as well. She was getting a gift card so I paid for her gift card. :)  Enjoy. Fayetteville, NC

Card #849

I gave a tip to the nice man who helped me load my Christmas tree.

Card #473

I brought a co-worker her mail while she was away from her desk.

Cup Of Cheer
Card #873

Purchased a hot cocoa for a co-worker on a cold and dreary afternoon.  She appreciated the pick-me-up!

Card #873

Today I met a friend for lunch and paid for her meal. We met at a play group we used to take our daughters to, but now that we both work we haven’t seen eachother in a long time. It was a great lunch and great conversation.

Cup Of Cheer
Card #873
Submitted on 2013/12/13 at 4:14 pm | In reply to LunchDateGiver.

Thank you so much for treating me to lunch.  This card is such a great idea.  Really appreciated giving it to someone as much as I did receiving it!

Claire Card #233

The other day I pulled into the gas station to fill my car up.  While I was pumping my gas I saw a man in a beat up old truck trying to put air in his tire because one had gone completely flat.  He then proceeded to walk towards me with a red gas can and asked me if I would fill his gas can up so he coul dget home to Wilimington.  I said sure, but before I started filling it up I said to the man why don’t you just bring your truck over here and I will fill it up.  So he drove his truck around and I filled his car with gas.  While the gas was pumping he proceeded to pull out a small air machine that plugged into the car adapter to try and fill his tire up (which would never work).  He said he didn’t have any money to pay for the air machine at the gas station and that he hadn’t eaten in a day.  So I gave him some money to get some food and fill the tire up with air.  We all have days when we are down on our luck so hopefully I was able to help him in some small way.

Cal Violette
Card #1886

Changed a flat tire for one of our grandmothers picking up her child from school in Fayetteville, NC

Card #211

Bought lunch for the car behind me in the drive-through line

Card #660

I bought breakfast for the lady behind me this morning.

Card #1894

Fayetteville NC – I received a dozen cupcakes from a client as a Christmas Gift and because I’m on a diet decided to ‘re-gift’ them. I gave them to the board of directors at Greens Home for Women. It’s a non-proft home that helps Women with addiction issues.

Card #612

I wouldn’t want to have to stand outside and sell newspapers on such a cold morning so I bought out a newspaper vendor this morning and then proceeded to give away all the newspapers to others. Fayetteville, NC

Angela Gura
Card #777 – 780

My mother work’s for Hutchens Law Firm and brought me 4 cards when she came to visit me in Portland, Oregon – I am excited to pass the cards on and keep track of them to see where they travel.

Card #613

Gave a stranger a gift card to a local restaurant.

Card #570

Donated bags of dog and cat food to the Fayetteville, NC Animal Protection Society no-kill shelter

Grateful Heart
Card #1016

I was waiting in a drive thru line for coffee on 12/7 when the High Performance Giving radio ad came on. It was cold and wet outside and I was inspired to pull out a Giving Card and treat the folks behind me to warm their hearts. Hope Mills, NC

Jennifer Card #102

I am donating a kidney to a 9 year old girl. She is not family, our family goes to church with her family. I began this process in August when I found out that Evie needed a kidney transplant in order for her to get better and none of her family members are a match. Evie has chronic kidney failure. She is on dialysis 10 hours a day, has to constantly take medications before she eats anything, and has to have feeding tubs at night in order for her body to be sustained until she is able to get a transplant. Since she is a child the qualifications for a living donor are very strict. After filling out an enormous amount of paperwork I had to go to the hospital for a two day complete head to toe evaluation. Once that was complete the doctors gave me a list of follow up appointments that I needed to complete before we are able to schedule a date for surgery. I will be finished with those appointments this month and we are hoping that Evie will be well enough to be able to schedule the transplant surgery for January. I can only imagine what it must be like for Evie’s parents. They are wonderful people and Evie is a wonderful and kind hearted little girl. I feel blessed that I am able to have this opportunity to help her regain her childhood. I know that my kidney will not last her the rest of her life, but at least she will be able to have fun and do things that kids her age should be doing. I have not given Evie’s parents the card yet, once we have a date for surgery then I will pass this very special card onto them. Sanford, NC

Card #844

I paid for the vehicle behind me at the drive-thru at Starbucks!

Card #250

Steed helped dad with clearing out water from pool cover

Card #153

Gave my bagger an extra tip.

Bill Senter
Card #4086

I was in a nearby Jersey Mikes Restaurant for lunch on Wednesday. Four soldiers from our military were there and I paid for their lunch.

Card #849

I saw a mother and her two young children walking to school. I could tell from their direction and the age of the children where they were going and I knew it was going to be a long walk across some heavy traffic. I stopped and drove the children to school, then took the mother home.

Card #2611

Paid the bill for the person in line behind me at McDonalds! New Bern, NC

Risa Hulon
Card #176

Picked up someone who’s vechicle was broke down and gave them a ride to work for a week. Fayetteville, NC

Gary Schuster
Card #932

Donate money to Asheboro Middle school.

Card #582

Helped my teacher after school.

Tis the Season
Card #117

Today, I bought a tablet for my nephew as a Christmas gift from his Mom. They have been going through some rough times this past year, and I was hoping to make that one less thing for her to stress about. (Fayetteville, NC)

Happy Tuesday Card #117

Today I treated a friend to lunch. My friend is a hard working single mother, who finds time to juggle everything in life with a smile. I just wanted to show my appreciation for our friendship, and let her know her hard work does not go unoticed. Fayetteville, NC

Sharon Wilson
Card #600
Submitted on 2013/12/02 at 7:11 pm | In reply to Donna.

Thank you for paying for my lunch, after today, I know there are still good people in this world, I will pass on the good deed :)

Card #600

Paid for someones order in a drivethru after they were cut in front of by others. Fayetteville, NC

Susan Card #169

I stood in line for an hour at Old Navy on Black Friday about 15 people behind a co-worker. When the co-worker ahead reached the register they encountered a technical difficulty and would not accept her credit card. I knew she was good for it so I went forward and used my credit card to pay for her gifts knowing she would pay me back. I did not want her time shopping, much less the hour spent in line, to be wasted.

Card #1440

I paid for the person behind me in the drive-thru of Starbucks. Fayetteville, NC

Grateful Heart
Card #817

We prepared a turkey for those we serve at Hope House. What an amazing little house with a huge heart. Thanks to Robin and Gil

Card #586

walk the dog 2 times, vacuum cleaned my moms car, and got the ball from over the fence at school

Thankful elf
Card #1032

My card was used to pay for the lady’s food in the car behind me at Wendy’s. Dunn, NC

Jessica Rorschach
Card #1444

I paid for someone’s food at the Taco Bell drive-thru. Hope Mills, NC

Rockie Currie
Card #946

I bought a well deserving fellow road warrior a cup of coffee.

Deana Smith
Card #1222

I went to the store and bought a cart full of boxes of Milkbone dog biscuits and dropped them off at Cumberland County Animal Control. Hope Mills, North Carolina

Cheryn Smith
Card #2717

I helped make a Thankgiving Feast for the 3rd graders at Northwood Temple.

Card #4101

took a giving sick man my Homemade Jewish penicillin..(chicken soup) Hope it makes him well Fayetteville NC.

Card #1111

I let a friend and her 2 children stay at my Home for 6 months. I am in Hope Mills, NC

Card #1111

I found out a friend was going through a rough time financially.  Her son had asked for something “when things got straightened out” and I knew I could help with his wish.  I’ve been there and had angels looking out for me when my step-sons lived with me during Christmas a few years ago.  I purchased his gift so that “Santa” could come through.  I live in Grays Creek, North Carolina.

Card #1111

I took up a collection for a coworker so that she would have a tree and ornaments to decorate her home at Christmas. She has no family nearby and I hated the thought of her being alone and without any Christmas Cheer. I’m in Hope Mills, NC.

Thankful elf
Card #996

I passed along my card to the gentleman that has worked in our section at the NCSU football games for years, along with a tip. He is always pleasant and smiling…even when our team is not winning. Dunn, NC

Jennifer McQueen
Card #1169

I passed my card to an individual who helped a homeless disabled man get a place to stay for a month. God is blessing people to be a blessing

Grateful heart
Card #615

Bought breakfast for a couple at the table next to us at Robin’s on Main. Hope Mills, NC

Card #592

Bought breakfast for the family at the table next to us at Robin’s on Main. Hope Mills, NC

Card #630

Met some old friends and paid for dinner. They are an amazing and giving couple and it had been far too long since I had seen them. Passed the card on. Hope Mills, NC

Card #641

My amazing coworker treated me to a super special birthday lunch@Mi Casita and let the wait staff know that it was my birthday so that i can wear that fancy hat and they would sing the Mexican birthday song to me. I will be forever thankful for her kindness.

HSKP Angel
Card #103

I made a challenge to our Foreclosure Dept at Hutchens Law Firm in Fayetteville, NC and we were able to raise $355.00 for the Second Harvest Food Bank. Linda Smith allowed me to go with her to give the money and one of the (High Performance Giving Cards) so it can be paid forward. Shirley who was an employee there was so excited. Made my heart feel good that the foreclosure Dept could make a difference. Thank you all. I can’t wait to track the card. Just to see how far it goes.

Card #159

Paid for the car behind me at Hardees on Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC

Card #872

This morning I bought a customer’s coffee in the drive through line at Starbucks off Ramsey street. I was actually inside the store so I got to see her face when she pulled up to the window and was told her coffee was paid for and was handed the card. She looked very happy. Fayetteville, NC

Edgar Krischewidth
Card #486

I just paid for the lunch of the person in the drive-thru behind me at Taco bell.

Card #486

I gave half of the breakfast to a homeless man outside the office.

Card #486

I bought breakfast for a good friend today because I knew he was hungry.

Lisa Wise
Card #480

I invited a co-worker and her granddaughter to a card making/tag/scrapbooking class

Josh Sullivan
Card #480
Submitted on 2013/11/22 at 2:13 pm | In reply to HappyFriday.

I shared my brownies which were generously given to me by a coworker.

Card #480

This morning I bought breakfast for one of my coworkers to show my appreciation for all their hard work.

Card #139

While I was going through the drive thru at Starbucks on Skibo Road, I bought the young lady in the car behind me her coffee this morning.

Jenny Williams
Card #273

I bought my friend’s dinner at Taco Bell.  Fayetteville, NC

Card #715

Today I helped my one of my best friends build a fort. Sanford, NC

Card #714

The person I gave this card to is an awesome teacher. Kids just love her! Sanford, NC

Grateful Heart Card #614

I passed my card on this morning with a tip to the gentleman who sells newspapers at an intersection in Fayetteville. He is always so friendly when the traffic is stopped and I have the opportunity to purchase a paper. I appreciate his work ethic and customer service. The Fayetteville Observer is lucky to have him on their team! I was happy to show my appreciation. Hope Mills, NC

Priscilla Card #204

I chose to use my card by giving somthing that I know would help me in a time of need. Having so many children I do not know what I would do if I did not have daycare so I paid for a families week of daycare. I asked the Director of the Daycare to pick a family who she thought would benifit from my gift the most and give them the card. I know that when money tight or you need an extra few dollars daycare is the last thing you want to be worrying about.

Card #108

I received an encouraging word from Michael Benoit on a day that was not going very well. His encouragement and friendship rings true to his character as a good person. Thank you Mr. Benoit and keep up the good work too buddy!

Paul Suther
Card #488

I bought lunch for my coworker today to let her know how much I care for her during a difficult time she is facing. I hope it will brighten her day because she is such a beautiful, warm and caring person.

Paul Suther
Card #483

I helped an old lady change a flat tire on the way to work today. I forgot to give her the card because I was in a hurry to get to work. Looks like I will just have to use it again to perform another good deed!

Card #846

I used my card to buy Chick-Fil-A gift cards to hand out and used one to help pay for the person in line behind me. Fayetteville, NC

Card #253

I bought Starbucks for the card behind me in the drive-thru today. Made sure to give them the card too. Hope they have a great day. Fayetteville, NC

Card #2637

I left an extra large tip for a wonderful server with a great attitude. Fayetteville NC

Card #475

Today, I spoke with my mom and she explained that she tried to blow the leaves out of the flower beds, but was unable to keep the blower started. I managed to fix the blower and the lawn mower for her since my father was out of town. I also decided to help out and blow the leaves out of the beds and cut the back yard so she would not have to do this over her weekend. Charlotte, NC

Card #659

I received card from work. I am including this card with my gift for Operation Christmas Child. Enjoy!